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                Community centers score highly


                Community centers score highly

                Residents are helped at the Linfen Road government affairs service center.

                A NEW evaluation of Shanghai’s 220 community-based government affairs service centers released yesterday found more than a fifth were excellent and most were good or better.

                Forty-eight centers were rated 5A, or excellent.

                The average score was 81.4, or good. Centers in Hongkou and Qingpu districts scored the highest.

                The evaluation looked at 45 categories including facilities and management.

                The Linfen Road Subdistrict center in Jing’an District scored the highest.

                A local landlord surnamed Cao and her tenant visited the center yesterday for tenant’s application or a residence permit. The process took only a few minutes.

                “In the past, I needed to visit the district’s real estate transaction center as well, which took me half a day because transport is not convenient and there were always long queues,” said Cao.

                “The center at our doorstep offers very convenient access.”

                The centers offer access to 189 services for individuals with 40 of them able to be processed online.

                They cover a wide range of areas involving 12 government authorities such as public security, civil affairs, health and housing.

                The services include residence permits, social security cards, jobless registration, medical insurance, and applications for budget housing, the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau said.

                More than 12.5 million applications a year are handled by the centers.

                Applicants don’t need to bring documents to the centers once their details, such as residency and marriage certificates, are recorded. 

                There are also 54 windows at the centers for cross-region government services covering the Yangtze River Delta.

                This was the first time the bureau has announced public an evaluation of the city’s community-based government affairs service centers.