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                Rockbund Art Museum closed for renovation


                Rockbund Art Museum closed for renovation

                Rockbund Art Museum has been temporarily closed since Monday for extensive renovations of the entire building.

                Renovation plans include expanding the museum’s public spaces, upgrading exhibition facilities and equipment, improving preservation of its historic building, redesigning exhibition-viewing routes and enhancing the overall functionality of the museum.

                After completion of the renovations, the museum will reopen to the public in September to usher in its 10th anniversary with newly refurbished facilities. The first exhibition after reopening will be a solo exhibition by renowned Swiss artist John Armleder.

                During the renovation period, the museum team will continue its curatorial and research work, while also collaborating with local communities and organizations to develop educational and public programs.

                Architect Alexis Dornier will be the lead designer in remodeling the museum.