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                Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD)

                Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD) is located west of downtown Shanghai and covers 86 square kilometers ...

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                July 10, 2009

                The Administrative Committee of Shanghai Hongqiao Central Busi...

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                Oct 30, 2009

                The opening ceremony of the Administrative Committee of Shangh...

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                Jan 4, 2010

                The Administrative Measures of Shanghai Hongqiao Central Busin...

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                Media Center


                Videos show the unique beauty of the Hongqiao Central Business District from multiple angles.


                • 01.

                  As a first-class global business hub, Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD) is known as the western center of Shanghai and boasts many advantages...

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                • 02.

                  Hongqiao CBD Corporate Service Center (MinHang), provider of one-stop comprehensive services for companies and investors, was established by the Management Committee of Hongqiao CBD...

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                • 03.

                  Aligning with State Council's guideline on healthy and fast development of cross border e-commerce, issued in June 2015, the Shanghai municipal government put forward a set...

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